Life is a game with a glorious prize, only if you play it right! We all are sent to this earth for a special purpose but are unaware of this. Let us be together♥ and try to figure it out!✨

I want to connect with people who have a lot many ideas, and want to do something constructive with their lives, who like to look at ordinary things with a different perspective, who believe that old is ALWAYS gold and love to connect with others!!



This is Sonal Sharma. I am 14 years old. (Just another teenager out there!) I am inclined towards 📚📖📝 and 🎶🎵🎧!!!

Hey people! I will try to regularly update this blog. This is my simple attempt to relook at life’s aspects through poetry. After all, it is not a straight path, but full of twists and turns! So keep supporting!

Life’s mysteries can never be sorted! What we see is not there, and what is actually there, we never get to know🎭…..but see, we all are the same..connected… because we are in search, in search of something that might be FASCINATING, ADVENTUROUS and carry SUSPENSE within it!!
Love music? Well…life is a long long path…have your headphones and an amazing playlist🎧 so that you don’t get bored!! I love to jingle..and you?
We all have different ideas, but we all are common in one way, that we are in search of the true meaning of life. And here I remember what LEGENDS said– It will be a great achievement for mankind when a man finally learns to become human. Let us be joint, form our world and discover what is called Life!
  • Blog out at 10th, 20th and 30th8 pm IST every month! Enjoy reading!🧡